Friday, 20 September 2013

Book Review - We the Skythians

We the Skythians - The Lie of the Land of Egypt  by David Allan Ritchie.

To be honest I've delayed writing this book review, not because I didn't like it this book but because it is so completely over-whelming in sheer volume and amount of detail that there really aren't words powerful enough to describe it's contents.

What the contents of it's pages could possibly mean for our World I can only imagine at the present time but combine the knowledge in these pages with the work of author's like David Cowan and William Comyss Beaumont and many other emerging authors and the picture begins to take on some real definition. The author encourages his readers to prove him wrong as he provides measurement after measurement unlocking the hidden code of the pyramids and illustrates his point with well referenced and hard to disproof research.

On my first reading, I've only skimmed the surface of understanding and know it is a book I will continue to explore most probably for the rest of my life.  The funny thing is, that even though it's a really challenging read and definitely not for the faint-hearted I am so excited about my next dip in this wondrous ocean. We are living in a time when more and more of our hidden history is revealing itself and this book contains a huge chunk of that puzzle.  From de-coding the pyramids to decoding the bible, David takes you on a Pharaoh's journey like no other.

One of the hottest topics in Scotland and on the lips of many Unionists lips is whether Scotland should become an Independent Nation once again and We the Skythians also has a closer look at the Declaration of Arbroath, something that many Scot's are realising is still relevant in today's World.

For seekers of truth, for seekers of mystery and for those looking for a fresh perspective on our hidden history I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

If you wish to explore Sacred Geometry, the Pyramids and a history you're unlikely to ever find in the history books We the Skythians - The Lie of the Land of Egypt is a quest you might just lose yourself in forever.

Here's a little poem I wrote about the author of this book who describes himself as a drummer and a twat, I have to disagree with him on that point because to me what I see is sheer genius in action, 

The tide has turned, you’ll know what to do.
As you see madness unfold in front of you.
Portals of possibility and infinite potential,
Ascending to Heaven and being multi-dimensonal.
Life as we knew it was all about matter,
Stereotypes, judgement and endless chatter.
At last the depths were revealing themselves,
As I sat on the brink between Heaven and Hell.
3-D to 5-D how would we know,
Is it possible we’ll see the glow?
Not with eyes filtered with fear,
It’s love that makes our vision clear.
The truth was hidden there is no doubt,
As we enter the Golden Age and it all comes out.
The code’s been deciphered and the clues re-written,
And somehow I found myself sitting in Heaven.
Looking in the Master’s eyes I heard the drumbeat to my surprise,
The dance has changed, it’s clear to see.
But where will it lead you and me?
I knew the story had made no sense, but why would he crack it, if it was the end?
A new beginning the choice is here,
Will we choose Love or stay trapped in fear?
The cycles you see are all concentric,
The biggest secret is it's all geometric!

Rashelle Reid All Rights Reserved 2013