Monday, 16 September 2013


After years of traveling, I am convinced that all people want to be free, happy and live a good life that is fulfilling and satisfying. The greater question is how to accomplish this? How do empower the best life? How do Hope, Fear and Power play into life?
Two months after the devastating loss of the “19 Hot Shots” many are redefining their lives and moving into a time without these young, strong vibrant individuals that were consumed one unsuspecting day. As people still mourn this loss, they remain dedicated to holding the memory of their lives and dreams into the future.

Devastations in life like all we face in today’s world, give us the opportunity to reflect on the current and past to redefine our future. Being raised by a psychoanalyst who now consults for the government on world dynamics and a lawyer who now consults about early history while practicing as metaphysician myself, I cannot help looking into the meta-messages and the entangled underlying deep patterns to determine the best steps forward.

Being new to Prescott, Arizona, my research scratched beneath the surface of “Everyone’s Hometown” to reveal some interesting facts. Obviously the indigenous native cultures lived and thrived on these lands for many years before the “Whiteman” showed up to claim the land as their own. This resulted in endless actions like “Wounded Knee” where right now people like Johnny Depp and other tribal groups are trying to restore and heal the events of the past. 
The miners arrived here in 1830, though the town did not make its mark until the 1860s when “Joe Walker” discovered gold. This fame brought the cowboys, prospectors and elite to the area. At that time, Lincoln decided to take the gold from the mountains around Prescott to finance the Civil War. Orders were given to kill all resisting as all natives were rounded up and relocated. Most natives lost their lives in this process. The claim was for “The Greater Good”. My relocation from the Manassas Battlefields of the Virginia countryside, I understood the struggle of the war between the North and South well. Prescott became the capital of the territory. The town boomed and is still a world destination today. 
The courtyard square surrounded by many colleges, international establishments, diverse groups, and being a great place to retire, Prescott is known for its extreme and divided principles of conservative and liberal, young and old, and all other dualistic natures. There seems to be a symbiotic dance going one over who will remain in control and who has to submit. Prescott’s Whiskey Row is known for being haunted with tragic ghost stories, again validating the repeated stories of loss and devastation as life goes on.

A couple weeks ago someone stated that I had an interesting assortment of current friends and associates. This started me to think about my own life and the relationships I had developed since moving to town. My hopeful move resulted in a horrendous divorce battle causing much pain and suffering over the last year. Though the people I have surrounded myself with are all very dynamic and working very hard to create a better life given much strife, they are mostly connected with the thriving yet unadvertised business of “Recovery” here in Prescott. If the locals not affiliated with the colleges, retirees, tourism or services, they are in the recovery industry, which is reliant on the nature of a victim being victimized. Here’s the pattern again.

Finally here was the answer to the question, how does all this fit together? This town though has an amazing spirit to overcome and grow beyond, has an underlying suffrage that keeps a deep muck from real renewal and healing. To succeed takes great strength, dedication and hard work. It’s a constant struggle.

I see this local microcosm as reflective of our world macrocosm. The trappings of the world events that occurred repeatedly over and over keeping us in this victim cycle sharing roles as victim, persecutor and savior. Over and over again, we are spending our time protecting our position and making sure to keep others in theirs, so we can continue this endless cycle. The struggle is too great and will continue until each of us finally stop and say “NO MORE!” The world systems put each of us into one of these rolls allowing others to maintain theirs. The only choice is to stop, but how?
To become free and live into our happiness and empowered future, we have to break these cycles. My thesis in metaphysics was on the upside down and inside out state of these current times in every aspects of life today. My dissertation and current case study research is on how we use practical metaphysics in daily live to release our past and to empower our future. By navigating beyond the limitations to not only recover and overcome, we instead build lives from our greatest source of creativity, love and joy. We are empowered and proud of ourselves and our world. My focus is to empower those who are looking for a better way, so that they can be more of who they are and live into a better future.

This is the rejuvenation we are seeking after such much devastation. We have the choice to change from being “Hopeless with no Power” letting the “Fear of the Powerful” control us and the world to embracing our DREAMS and living into our HOPE, thus EMPOWERING our future. There is no room for fear here. This is the real choice.

This new life stems from our hopeless past. This path builds a stronger and more solid foundation bringing forth the fruits of our best selves. This starts with you, with me and each one of us. Let this fire spark the loss of the past into the abundance of the future, releasing the endless cycle of the victim’s devastation. Stand up and live into your brightest future.

Rev. Deborah Sue Pomeroy
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Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire!” Teilhard de Chardin