Thursday, 12 September 2013

Even When We Say Nothing We Are Communicating Something

It doesn't matter how hard you try to escape it, politics affects all of us.  From the crumbling economy to the price of a few beers down the local and even whether our local's open in the first place because of all the Health and Safety legislation, licensing and other debacles small to medium enterprises find themselves entangled in. Caught up in the struggle for survival or just too busy, too tired or too stressed to notice as more and more legislation is written with us in minds.

On 6th September the future of our nation's children was being discussed in Parliament. Did you know?  Do you care? Would you want National "citizen" Service for our children's future?

Here is a tiny extract from the proposed Bill to give you an insight to the proposals which will be facing their second debate in parliament in February 2014. A link to the full publication is found below, please make sure to read it to be aware of the proposals and while you do ask yourself do you really trust the Secretary of State to make the best decisions for your/our kids futures.

National service system
(1) Every individual who has attained the age of 18 years, and who has not attained the age of 26 years, shall be liable to serve one year of national service at some point between these years unless exempt.
(2) Exempt individuals are those with severe mental or physical disability.
(3) National service shall be defined as participation in a full time scheme accredited by HM Government as meeting the requirements of national service and set out in regulations by the Secretary of State.
(4) Non-exempt individuals who do not serve one year of national service before the age of 26 years shall be guilty of an offence.

So for refusing to be part of something sanctioned by a corrupt government people will become criminals hmm...

Now this next part makes for some really interesting reading when you consider the current state of affairs within our government with cover up after cover up regarding pedophilia and how quickly our MP's were to jump to war with Syria, until we the people made them listen. 

(a) residential element, requiring that participants live away from home;
(b) an element of public service, comprising one or more of the following
to be chosen by the individual—
(i) charitable work,
(ii) social action,
(iii) care for the elderly or disabled,
(iv) overseas development activity, or
(v) work connected with the National Health Service, the emergency services or the Armed Forces.

One more thing that I'll ask you to consider as I leave you to digest the contents of this draft publication is what would happen should the State decide to declare a State of Emergency in the future, while they have all these young men and women at their disposal, the term cannon fodder comes to mind for me, that's for sure. 

Phillip Hollobone one of the MP's who are responsible for pushing this bill also held the first reading of a Capital Punishment Bill on the 6th September 2013.  

Silence is a complicit agreement that we accept what our Government are doing on our behalf, so just remember even if you communicate nothing you are communicating something, please make sure it's really what you want to say.