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Fusing Tarot and the Body by Miriam Jacobs

Fusing Tarot and the Body

By Miriam Jacobs

Tarot can give us tremendous insight, clarity and affirmation about what we already know. Polarity Therapy is a holistic integrative healing art that balances life energy in the body. It addresses 4 components: bodywork, exercise, nutrition, and communication skills. Both Polarity and Tarot are processes that provide meaning and direction to one's life. When fused by astrological and chakra references, together they bring about a profoundly deep healing – both physical and even emotional. 

Polarity Therapy is based on the 5 universal elements, as is the Tarot. The connection to the first 4 are traditionally;

Air - Swords
Fire- Wands
Water - Cups
Earth - Pentacles

The 5th representing Ether is the Major Arcana which I’ve taken poetic license with. When I laid out the chart below I was blown away by even more connections. All 2,3 & 4s astrologically were cardinal signs, all 5,6 & 7s were fixed, and all 8,9 & 10s were mutable, perfectly aligned with Polarity’s suggested type of touch. 

The Cards chosen may tell us where to contact the body and what type of touch to use, and a suggested practice to balance and integrate the lessons of the Tarot. Incorporate whatever practice from a particular card(s) that you are drawn to into your daily mindful practice.

Major Arcana cards have meditative practices. Minor Arcana cards have yoga-like exercises and Court cards have art practices.



Empress III

Astrological: Taurus – fixed Earth Anatomy: neck

Touch: light and off the body

Practice: Breathe into your heart. Feel love for Mother Nature.

Eight of Wands/Fire

Astrological: Sagittarius - mutable fire Anatomy: thighs

Touch: deep and dispersing

Practice: Creates action - Bend your knees and slightly pitch forward at the hips. With your palms on the top of your thighs, sweep your palms downward towards your knees. Make a loud fiery “RAM” sound.

Queen of Air

Astrological: all Air signs Anatomy: shoulders, kidneys, ankles

Touch: all

Practice: Dance in free form or with flowing scarves.

"I have been reading Tarot cards for over twenty-five years. Since I found them so effective in making decisions that I began to include Tarot in my bodywork sessions. The brief readings help affirm my clients' experiences, differentiating and integrating their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. I realized there was a more expansive and expressive way to use the Tarot. This inspired me to create a unique and comprehensive deck. The images are digital collages. I found inspiration for the images included in the Polarity Wellness Tarot everywhere: in nature, in sculpture, in yard sales and junk shops."

Miriam Jacobs, IPE, CMT, BFA is the creator of the first somatic Tarot deck Polarity Wellness Tarot that provides a Tarot-body connection. Her book on Tarot and the Chakras, with Schiffer Publishing LTD. is due out in 2014.

After a successful career as a visual artist Miriam found herself drawn to the healing arts and began her formal studies in 1989. She trained at the Polarity Wellness Network in New York City and was certified by American Polarity Therapy Association. She received certification in Swedish Esalen massage from the McKinnon Institute in 1996.

Miriam helps people to change through bodywork sessions and Tarot card readings. At times she combines them. Her practice is in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. She is also available for workshops, Tarot parties and over the phone readings.

Miriam Jacobs Oakland, CA, USA
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