Friday, 27 September 2013

May She Rest in Peace - The NHS is Dead, Long Live the NHS

Obituary Notice


July 5th, 1948 - April 1st 2013 

Affectionately known as NHS to the World 

On the 1st April 2013, quietly and alone in the darkness she was taken from us. In the blink of an eye she was gone, leaving those who loved her and depended on her in complete desolation.

She has been awarded a full State burial as a reward for her years of dedicated service to the people of the UK and no doubt the issues surrounding her death will long be the focus of the public mind. As they ponder how the slow intoxicating poison gained control of her mind and led to her losing pound after pound to Big P in whatever their latest gamble happened to be. She will be sadly missed, some have already said goodbye to the woman they had once known as day by day she'd been slipping out away for years.

A child born in a time of dreams, a teenager in the sixties. It was during her adult years  in the 80's she began to feel the burden of responsibility and even though at times she could be a bit short sighted, she blazed a trail like no other. In later years her more maternal side came along and sometimes the shadow of control would become her cloak. As the years went on she transformed into the sweet gentle grandmother of dreams, but in the wrong company in which she'd certainly fallen she also had the potential to become the nanny from hell. The drunk one without the teeth who wants to slobber all over you and tell you how to live your life, only this nanny has needles and vaccines and other such toxic tools at her disposal.

Her dying wish was to remind all you who take the time to read this and think of her with fondness in your heart. YOU have a say in this..the NHS does not belong to the Government or the British Medical Association, it does not belong to the pharmaceutical companies who supply it, IT BELONGS TO YOU and me and your neighbour and granny and children, and hairdresser and I think you see what I mean.

Our Elected Representatives are simply that "Elected" "Representatives" if they are not representing you, it's up to you to let them know. Some are actually waiting for YOU to give them the push, some have started without you, but let's face it a little nudge in the right direction never hurt anyone.

A dream, an ideology, a desired state of grace.
Yet somehow she was left with egg on her face.
Compassionate, caring, courageous indeed.
If only the World wasn't infected by greed.

It's not too late, an idea lingers on.
I hope we can revive her sweet song.
A change of key, a new harmonic exchange.
With the focus on wellness, just for a change.

Working with our bodies and hearing their tune.
Allowing ourselves to flow with the ebb of the moon.
When the death tolls ring new beginning are near.
It's time for re-birth, a new era is here.

A time when we move away from the fear.
To embrace each other and all we hold dear.
A time when we remember what we'd forgotten,
When we heal what's been at the core rotten.

The power's within us to lead with our heart.
What if together we plan a fresh start.
A focus on healing not more disease.
With poisons on tap and crazy remedies.

We're treating the body like pieces of scrap.
But have we forgot who inhabits it's trap?
A person with feelings not a box to tick.
Dear God, no wonder humanity's sick

The nurses, the doctors are all there to care.
Silenced with their jobs, their voice they can't share.
Opening their eyes to an alternative view.
Starting to see they were fooled too.

Much of the research was hidden from view.
As reps came with "facts" promising miracles for you.
Stressed, over-worked and paying off debt,
Questioning the research is not a safe bet.

Hands tied as ours were, with no informed choice.
Many different voices creating lots of noise.
Selling propaganda and pills much hyped.
Dressed up all dandy, like the snake-oil type.

Let us indulge the lessons wisely and her life not be in vain.
As we once again look at ways to address the misery and pain.
Eyes washed and weary from the grief that's on it's way.
Maybe the alarm sounds the dawning of a new day.

When people question what they are told.
And see through the products they're being sold.
A new day is here, what heralds that change?
The reborn NHS with a fantastic new range.

Imagine a world where illness was rare.
Imagine a world where we all stopped to care.
Imagine it wasn't about gaining a dime.
Imagine co creating a new paradigm.

We see where the hacks cracked the system before.
So let's build a new firewall and close that door.
The alleged murderer has an axe to our throats.
Would you pledge a No Confidence Vote?

Our attention is needed or the consequences are grim.
I beg you to please take the time to look within.
Ask your heart how it feels, do you care?
If so with your MP please your views share.

"The NHS has been killed, murdered, assassinated by a Tory government. The question now is – do we have enough faith to bring it back to life? " Owen Jones, The Independent, 31st March 2013. 

More news on this topic:

Prime Suspect still at large.  Scotland Yard have issued a warrant to question Prime Minister David Cameron about his recent dealings with the deceased. No Suspect has been named at this time, we are expecting an up-date soon. Unfortunately we have been unable to contact the Secret Service as all there agents are currently on missions educating activists on what will occur should they continue down their chosen path, hiring shills, arresting people for peacefully demonstrating their right to protect their land and other such atrocities against humanity.We suspect the prime suspect will have close links with the Secret service and when we hear from one we will hear from the other. Stay tuned for more information on this topic and many more here at the Enlightening Times.