Sunday, 1 September 2013

Radiation Free Lakeland at Wasdale Show.

Radiation Free Lakeland have been out and about over the last two years at shows including Gosforth and Wasdale running a competition “Where is Avalon’s Treasure” The competition - featured a large 3D map of the lakes and the winner has been announced, Arthur Harvey-Chadwick from Seascale aged 8. Arthur says he is “really chuffed” with his painting of ‘Osprey Communications’

The competition was created by Radiation Free Lakeland to raise awareness of the insanity of digging a huge hole underground in Cumbria and filling it with the world’s most dangerous material- radioactive wastes.

“Deep under the hills and mountains of Cumbria lay the ancient ruins of Avalon. Does Excalibur lie deep beneath the flakey Skiddaw Slates of Black Combe? or hidden beneath Eskdale’s interleaved layers of granite and *schists?

The competition asked: Where do you think the legendary King Arthur and his magical sword Excalibur are buried under Cumbria?

New research by Arthurian Legend scholars argues that Cumberland (West and North Cumbria) is reputed to be the Avalon of old and the final resting place of the legendary King and his magical sword Excalibur”.

Marianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland said ” Arthur and Excalibur will not come back to protect Cumbria’s riches from the plan for a nuclear dump. The proposed underground dump would be deeper than 3 Eiffel Towers and as big as 3 Lake Windermere’s. Cumbria’s freshwater, unpolluted by radioactivity is worth more than a King’s ransom. Land and freshwater polluted by high level radioactive wastes would be fit for neither King nor peasant. Freshwater is the only real lasting treasure”. On January 30th Cumbria County Council put a halt to the government plan. 

The text of Council Leader Eddie Martin’s now legendary and inspiring speech to the Cabinet is here:
Eddie Martin has since told Radiation Free Lakeland that “we must remain vigilant” – we agree!

* metamorphic rocks -from French schiste, from Latin lapis schistos stone that may be split.
More info:
" If Camboglanna is where Arthur died, then it is certainly not a coincidence that the only place in Britain known anciently as Avalon is located further west along the Wall at Burgh-by-Sands (in Allerdale)

The Aballava fort, now on the edge of marshland near the Solway Firth, was referred to in the early RAVENNA COSMOGRAPHY as Avalana. This placename means, literally, the "place of apples". Camboglanna is on the Irthing, a tributary of the Eden River. The Eden empties into the Solway Firth very near Aballava/Avalana. A dedication to the goddess Latis was found at Aballava, offered by a certain Lucius Ursius (Ursius is from L. ursus, "bear"; cf. W. arth, "bear", often cited as the first component of Arthur's name). She is the goddess of open bodies of fresh water, a literal "Lady of the Lake".

Look out for Radiation Free Lakeland’s latest competition which is to “find the tears of the unicorn” or as we know them fresh water pearls! 

Radiation Free Lakeland are unfunded and completely voluntary – any funds raised through competitions or donations are put directly towards campaigns and research. The latest fund raising push is to raise funds in order to send samples of Cumbrian beaches for specialist analysis. (see previous article on Sellafields ongoing and accelerated pollution of our beaches

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