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Updates on the Girl Against Fluoride

Please join me in Whelan's Bar (25 Wexford St, Dublin 2) on Monday 24th March at 8pm for a fluoride presentation with a difference. I will be joined by other activists who will make the audience think while they are laughing, as they discuss the real life issues that are prevalent in Ireland today.

Although we are all comedy first-timers we're not being thrown completely unprepared into the ring. We'll have spent the previous weekend being trained for stand-up by revolutionary comedian, Aidan Killian, and spoken-word genius, Dave Rock.

Among the participants are Adrienne Murphy, Hot Press Journalist who has been reporting on the fluoride issue for over a year and author Thomas Sheridan whose understanding of psychopathology has given us an insight into the mind-set of the water fluoridationists. Join us and many more for what promises to be a night of rebellious humour whose aim is to bring together the game changers for the Ireland we want to live in.

The cost is €7 on the door or €5 to book online ( ) The event host is Aidan Killian.

All proceeds go to The Caoimh Connolly Trust – providing therapy and care for an intensely autistic ten-year-old boy from Dublin. Watch a 3-minute film about Caoimh and why he needs help here:

I look forward to seeing lots of campaign supporters at this event. Standing up for humanity can be fun.


The Girl Against Fluoride's Christmas Party.

On Thursday the 5th December, The Girl Against Fluoride Christmas party will take place at 7.30pm, in Jack's Music Club, DCI Social Club, 43 Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Free admission. MC for the night is the delectable comedian Aidan Killian. At the party I will give a brief talk about the latest events of the campaign, after which you will be entertained by a line-up of live bands. This is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.  

To date we have sold 600 calendars. We need to sell 3,000 for the court case to go ahead. The calendars, retailing at 10 euro, make a great stocking filler and awareness raising tool as they contain, not only beautiful images, but facts about the risks of fluoridation in each month. They are a means to get the information about the Irish fluoride problem, into people's homes. They will be available to purchase at this event. I really hope to see lots of you at the party, especially those who were unable to attend the launch party of the Naked Calendar. 

For those of you who are unable to attend, the calendars can be bought online for 12 euro including p&p on Politically we have reached a cul-de-sac as, on the 12th of November, all three main political parties in Ireland voted to keep fluoride in the water. Our only chance now is the court case which requires public support. 

Thank you. 

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Girl Against Fluoride 

If you wish to support The Girl Against Fluoride and the campaign to remove the fluoridation from Ireland's drinking water you can donate here or to purchase your Naked Calender click here. Stay up to date with all the latest news from the campaign here at the Enlightening Times magazine on Facebook and The Girl Against Fluoride on Facebook.

Previously from The Girl Against Fluoride...

More and more people have become aware of the fluoride issue through the efforts of the Girl Against Fluoride campaign. Various presentations and stunts around Ireland coupled with the awareness from social media has increased the numbers of people who are getting behind this campaign. This Summer, a protest was held outside Chemifloc by the Girl Against Fluoride team and her many supporters. Armed with colourful banners the crowd marched upon the plant where water fluoridation chemicals are stored, to be later distributed throughout the country. Chemifloc- Chemicals for the Flock was an apt message on one of the banners. The response from the staff was they were not breaking the law as they’d been given the contract to fluoridate the water supplies from the government. In other words they are protected by the law. 

Aisling Fitzgibbon, aka The Girl Against Fluoride was honoured to have been chosen by Image magazine for their August edition as one of six women in Ireland today who are working to create positive change. It highlighted her efforts to change public opinion about a policy that had been foisted for the most part on an unsuspecting public. This was a golden opportunity to reach a large platform of women who are interested in their health and the health of their children. 

The Girl Against Fluoride, along with Declan Waugh, the environmental scientist who has been working on exposing the Irish fluoridation candal for the past two years, presented to a group of Ministers and Senators in Leinster House in July. Brian Stanley, the Minister who proposed a bill to ban water fluoridation, hosted the meeting that has at least begun the political debate, lacking until now.  Aisling’s speech concluded with her telling the Ministers they have left her with no other option than to take a court case against the State. This could of course be pre- empted if water fluoridation was withdrawn but it seems that the political will to do so is not present. Academics who have invested their careers in the water fluoridation policy and have been duly rewarded with numerous grants to uphold that policy are not likely to admit they were wrong. Emmett Stagg, the Labour Party Whip was adamant that any bill to end water fluoridation would have to be a cross party effort. Senator Mary O’Brien attributed her healing from M.E. to following a healing regime that included non-fluoridated water. 

Although the science behind the water fluoridation policy has largely been debunked by Declan Waugh, it is obvious that this policy is not going to end without a court case. To this end the Girl Against Fluoride campaign has to raise 30,000 euro to cover the costs of expert witnesses. The team hope to get some of the money from the sale of their Naked Calendar due to be launched the end of October. The Naked Calendar is comprised of a cross section of women, babies and men from all over Ireland who willingly stripped to highlight the water fluoridation problem in Ireland. 

To support this very worthwhile cause and to see some very beautiful and thought provoking images, please contact the site to place an order for your calendar. It is retailing at ten euro.

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