Thursday, 31 October 2013

"Time" by GD Kokani

  Is 'TIME' a human perception of a progression or a process or existence? Leading scientists, physicists and thinkers believed/believe that 'time' is absolute and moves forward irrespective of what happens in the Universe, it is a fundamental reality, it is interwoven with space and so forth..

   The scientists think that 'time' is an independent and absolute reality and it is marching ahead or progressing like a living being. This approach of thinking about it in isolation or granting it an independent and absolute status, is not only irrational but it adds more confusion than clarity,thereby taking us farther from the truth or reality about it.

   The reality about it and the most rational, scientific and intelligent approach in this regard would be as under:-

   The Existence of the Universe is governed by the properties and laws of 'mother matter' from which everything that exists in this universe has been formed as per the forces, energies and matter possessed by the mother matter, over an infinite period of time.  Matter, Space and Time (as we perceive) are the three dimensions of the same 'existence' of the universe.  Therefore, 'time' is a relative phenomenon with reference to the matter and space existed during each and every phase or formation that has taken place in the universe.The fundamental property of all kinds of matter contained in the universe (living and non-living matters) is that their existence is CYCLIC phenomenon.

  A reader interested to know more about my perspectives may like to see my short essay titled:

  'The Universe, The God and Origin of Life' in my e book 'Human Nature Part II' wherein I have tried to explain 'The theory of cyclic existence' of matters of this Universe.

   All the planets, stars,objects, formations,galaxies and all living organisms exist/live in cyclic manner. In case of living organisms the cycle goes on like this:birth/germination--growth/development--re creation/reproduction--maturing/aging--decay/degeneration.... Therefore, it is not the time which progresses or marches ahead or it is not pushing forward to make things/events happen but it is the chain of predetermined/fixed events or phases of a given cycle that progress or march ahead from one stage to the next stage of a cycle. However, we get a perception that time is marching ahead.

  It would be clear from the above explanation that 'time' does not exist as an independent and active or self propelling entity or a force or an energy or a phenomenon but it is a human perception of the distance between two events or happenings or chain of events or phases in a given cycle .In other words (aptly) it is a human perception of another perfect measure of distance (other than physical distance) between the beginning and the end or between two events/happenings/phases or amongst different phases/stages in a given cycle of 'existence'.