Friday, 29 November 2013

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Writers / Artists / Contributors welcome to submit to the Enlightening Times

Guidelines for writing Articles for Enlightening Times.

There are two different ways you can submit writing for publication in the Online Magazine and on the Blog.

You can email submissions to us in .doc or .txt format to Or you can become a regular contributor and submit your articles online through the blogger platform. If you would like to be a regular contributor please email Rashelle and request an invitation to join as an author to the blog.

Please try to keep length between 600 to a 1000 words and if you are writing about a subject that requires quoting other authors, then please add references to all of the information quoted at the end of the article stating the book and author, making sure you put quotes around any text that has been taken from a previously published work. If you are writing about current affairs try to write about both sides of a story and write a balanced piece looking from different perspectives so that the reader can formulate their own opinions.

Images are very important to making an article look good. Please only use images you have photographed or created yourself, that you own the copyright to as this can cause copyright issues at a later date. There are stock image websites where you can find and use images for free so if you don't have the image that you want to use try searching in one of these for the pictures you require.

You can use youtube videos in your post but please only use videos you have created yourself, or that you have prior written consent from the creator of the video before posting. 

If a quote has been taken from another website, please make it clear that you are quoting from another source and provide a link to the source for those reading, so that they can go and do their own investigations.

Good articles are informative, clear and precise and also unbiased and balanced discursive text that engages the reader and lets them form their own opinions. 

While we understand that obviously our Authors/Artists and Musicians will want to promote their own products and services, please try to keep articles to a the subject you are writing about and refer to your services/products/books/art etc in a short biog at the end of the article. By all means provide a link to your own website and work online in that biog at the end of the article.

If you are teaching something then please consider writing a series of smaller articles rather than trying to put a huge amount of text in front of your reader. These can be presented in the magazine as a full course at a later date should you wish to do so.

When writing the article itself is good practice to have the article subject narrowed down to Key Words and make sure they are in the article title, so that people searching for your subject matter will be able to find your article online.

That said.... get writing and we look forward to your contributions.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shout it Loud - Some Good News on the Gagging Law

This just arrived in my in-box from 38 Degrees.

38 Degrees LogoHere's a news headline, in today's Independent, which every 38 Degrees member can feel proud of: "Tories put Lobbying Bill on hold over fears of embarrassing defeat in House of Lords". [1]

It looks like the campaign against the gagging law is starting to work! In the face of an ever-growing campaign the government was forced to agree a six-week delay and promise further "consultation". [2]

That means we’ve got more time to ramp up the pressure. So please add your name now to the petition calling on the Lords to stop the gagging law:

Yesterday the 38 Degrees petition passed 100,000 signatures in just a few hours. Meanwhile over 50 different charities and voluntary groups – including big names like Oxfam, the Royal British Legion, and the Countryside Alliance – wrote to every single Lord.

Together, we proved to members of the House of Lords that there's real concern about this threat to democracy. And together, we've persuaded enough of them that the gagging law can't just be waved through.

It remains to be seen if the six-week delay will mean real changes. The government may choose to listen, or they may just take a breather before having another go at forcing the law through. Their choice will probably depend on how much pressure we put them under!

If enough of us keep speaking up to protect democracy, we have a real chance of winning. All the messages to MPs, the donations, the leaflets, and the posters are starting to work. So let's keep going!

Please take 30 seconds to sign the petition by clicking here: