Monday, 9 December 2013

Awakening in the Looking Glass

A poem by Rashelle Reid

Awakening to wonder, awakening to pain.
Awakening to thunder, awakening to rain.
Awakening the senses, awakening my soul.
Awakening to seeing that we are always whole.
Understanding the miracle, seeing it with my heart.
Knowing even when I feel weak, we never are apart.
Sensing the spirit, rise and fall within.
Dependent on my thoughts, and what they allow in.
The energy runs through me, sometimes like a great big tide.
Tumultuous waves, this years been such a ride.
Fast and furious with trouble always threatening.
As I look around me, I see no signs it's settling.
The truth is coming out at such a mighty pace.
It's the final lap but who's going to win this race?
Good and evil, light and dark,
The fire's lit, it's awaiting your spark.
Join the choir, let us hear your voice.
That is when we'll finally rejoice.
What if the world was waiting just for you?
Would you wake up and know what to do?
The time is now, there is no other.
So let's all do it for our Mother.
The Earth has provided for all our needs.
So let's stop the madness and end the greed.
Corporations that have no soul,
Leaders that are out of control.
It's time for sense to prevail at last.
After all it's our reflection in the looking glass.

Rashelle Reid

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