Thursday, 19 December 2013

Astrological Energies of the Winter Solstice 2013:

 Working to find a middle ground for our global family unit.

This year's Winter Solstice will prove to be very interesting for human consciousness and its spiritual awakenings.

  As always the Winter Solstice occurs as the Sun moves into Capricorn highlighting the potential for success, and the 'right way of doing things'. There have been many crises that have occurred this year such as the ongoing global debt crisis; political repression and the general dissatisfaction of the world community; the humanitarian crisis in Syria, as well as extreme weather events leading to catastrophe such as the Philippines Typhoon.
  The Sun in Capricorn helps us to keep calm and methodically and patiently achieve our objectives. Now we can get through a mountain of work if we have to, and through patience put new structures in place. With the UK position of the Sun being in the 6th house, the  workplace is where our organisational skills and ability to serve others really can come to the fore. This can go a long way towards helping to alleviate the sufferings of humanity. The only problem is the health of our own economy is drained and the outlook may be still fairly pessimistic contrary to what the government tells us. However, Capricorn likes to do things that are worthwhile—and like other Earth signs, needs to feel valued and favourable in the world in order to be fulfilled.  The UK could gain recognition on the world stage by having a better ability to appreciate what motivates human society and its set of ideas, principles, and agreements, and that it can be an essential and integral element within that framework.

  This is an excellent time to be resourceful, take more responsibility  and become more creative when it comes to the well being of the planet. With the Sun and retrograde Venus making positive aspects to the star of Scheat we need to push forwards with grand schemes and plans about becoming more self supporting and sufficient even if some of the ways of thinking are unconventional.

  Also, we have an aspect pattern between Jupiter, Pluto and Vesta reaching its peak on the same day as the solstice. There are vast energies at work here trying to search for an outlet for expression. If used wisely it can be the time for great accomplishments. Retrograde Jupiter located in Cancer helps us to feel as though the world is our family and there will be a strong urge to look after this family either through more concern and compassion; or by giving money to lessen mass distress. However, our determined efforts may mean that we are willing to stray from the correct way of doing things. We may be over forceful with opinions even though they may actually be right!  This is because these energies bring to the fore a style of communication that seems closed off, extremist or downright weird. Finding a middle ground is better at this time and it may be more worthwhile to create change from within rather than trying to tear down the whole structure of something just to make a stand.

  Every creature has a purpose of presence. The power of love and sympathy for the suffering of others often including a desire to help; for all living beings creates confidence and reliance on good qualities - especially fairness, truth and honour all over the world. Humanity needs to see itself as a rough diamond that now needs polishing. It is the time to look at how we can improve ourselves through small changes that make us more effective and better ourselves to reach a higher potential.

  It is impossible to avoid or to prevent from happening the repetition of events the like of which we have witnessed recently, but what we can do is to start to see these events helping us to extend beyond or transcending the personal and the ego; to recognise ourselves as a family of human beings, living together and functioning as a single unit, related in origin and as one organism, adapting and responding to change together, as one in joint effort.

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