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Energetic Universalism. The creation of a unifying belief system by Richard Gordon

Energetic Universalism
The creation of a unifying belief system.
Richard Gordon

There is only this, nothing more than this, everything exists within the experienced moment, and we as conscious beings are energetic transmitters that exist within a universal mainframe.
Over the millennia Humanity has created myriads of incredibly diverse belief systems, many of these have become lost to the mists of time whilst others have flourished and evolved into the well-known spiritual paths that we find today.

In the last few centuries there have been several attempts to introduce new belief systems, most have ended in failure due to the fact that they aim to replace existing belief systems, and this case in point implies that people on a whole simply don’t want to give up on their existing beliefs.

Over the years I've been involved in many discussions on the subject of how it may be possible to introduce new systems of belief in an acceptable manner, eventually coming to the conclusion that the idea of replacing existing systems of belief would be nothing more than a futile and unwarranted exercise. Given time I did, however, come up with a plausible answer in regards to how it could be accomplished without upsetting the spiritual apple cart. 
Anyone who has taken the time to study the monotheistic religious or mystical beliefs of our world will have most likely come to the conclusion that mostly, the core values of these religions are only separated by a matter of degrees.

So rather than attempting to replace any of the existing systems of belief, I believe the answer is to be found in the creation of a complimentary mystical system that adds to our universal understanding yet is itself, devoid of the spiritual or religious dogma of the belief systems it may become associated with.

I named the resulting system Energetic Universalism. It is in itself not a religion, although it may stand in its own right for those that follow no particular spiritual path.

On the surface it is indeed a complimentary belief system with the primary directive of celebrating the living universal life force energy that runs throughout the entirety of manifest reality, especially in regards to that energy that has come together at this very moment in time to become a part of ourselves. 
On a deeper level it is also inclusive of several other concepts that when combined may lead towards a better understanding of reality, time and even the power of magik.

The birth of reality
What we experience as being our base reality may actually be akin to the outer shell or skin of a creational process. Traditional mystical belief systems tend to be somewhat in agreement in regards to how the universe becomes manifest.

The source of the universe is a sea of raw energy. This virgin energy condenses at several levels before manifesting as matter or other forms of energy that we experience as reality. The highest levels of this hierarchy of energy are ethereal in nature, the realm of sentient beings.

A famous quote by Albert Einstein may indicate that the above statement may be considered to be correct in respect to the transmutation of states of energy, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Some mystical belief systems claim that the sea of raw energy manifests from a state of nothingness, and in my opinion if this is to be accepted as being a universal truth, then paradoxically the state of existence must be a direct reaction to there being a state of non-existence. If we then consider the sea of energy to be an actuality, we can perhaps agree that reality manifests from the inside outwards, from every possible point of origin in the universe. 


Perpetual re-creation theory: rethinking time and explaining magik.

As a whole we tend to see time as something that marches on regardless, we appear to be able to measure it via electronic or mechanical methods, but does that actually prove that it exists as an actual quantifiable force? 
If we reconsider the way that reality becomes manifest then the movement of the spear of time reveals how previously unexplained phenomena may come about.

This concept is reminiscent of the Buddhist concept that reality is a conscious experience of sequence of moments that are flawlessly linked together like cells on a projected film, each moment progressing towards the next, but differs in the fact that rather than suggesting that reality is a sequence of separate moments it is in fact a single stationary yet visually evolving moment that contains the sum experience of all previously created information.

Time is an illusion created by a perpetual state of creation. Manifest reality is in a perpetual state of re-creation. Nothing exists beyond the moment of experience, the past is a secondary illusion created via the apparent existence of a past and these remnants, such as fossils or something we jotted down on a note pad, are not actually proof of a past, they are in fact a re-creational product of the moment.

If the entirety of the universal reality is in a constant state of re-creation then in turn it would appear that reality is the product of an underlying universal force, no one can say for certain who or what generates this force so this becomes a secondary personal issue or belief.

There is only this, nothing more than this, everything exists within the experienced moment, and we, as conscious beings, are energetic transmitters that exist within a universal mainframe. 
If reality is indeed in a state of universal re-creation then it also explains how the art of magik becomes a possibility.

If reality is perpetually re-creating itself then the traditional idea of being able to wilfully direct the future towards a desired result becomes feasible.

Although we are an integral part of the re-creational process we also apparently have free will and as such, given focus, we can act almost akin to a computer virus and forcibly re-direct our experienced reality towards a preferable outcome, thus, the power of will becomes a tool of creation. 
Reality is a post-perceptional experience.
Everything we experience during our lives is experienced after the event with one exception, and that is our thoughts.

If you look at the sun in the sky the light that you see has taken around eight minutes to reach the earth, in turn the reaction at the centre of the sun towards the particle of light leaving its surface has already taken around a million years to come about.

If someone pricks your finger with a needle the associated pain is only experienced after the nerves send a signal to the brain, it doesn't matter how close we get to the brain, any tactile, visual or olfactory experience is only registered after the event. 
In the moment of experience it is our thoughts that count, especially a visual interpretation of those thoughts, a visualized interpretation of a thought is an example of re-creation at a personal level, it is the most important ability to achieve in regards to directing reality as it condenses all other concepts into a single unit. 
Of apparitions, the past and future predictions
To reiterate: Time is an illusion created by a perpetual state of creation. Therefore if manifest reality is in a constant state of re-creation then only the past is a certainty and the future is one of unlimited possibilities. Fortune tellers are basically tuning in to the various branches of the future and providing us with a selection of possible outcomes that we may then direct via our conscious or subconscious will, in harmony with the re-creational process, towards manifesting the desired outcomes. 
All that we are, think or do becomes an integral part of the evolving moment, they never really cease to exist, they simply become a part of the re-creational process.

This in turn implies that we may be able to access past events, or if we experience mistakes within the re-creational process, past events may actually replay within the existing moment and are what we refer to as hauntings.

Living for the moment and the next
Once we have accepted that we are an integral part of a creational process we can see that only the moment at hand is of any real importance, it is the past, the present and will become the future, yet it will only ever be experienced as the now.

The living energy of the universe runs throughout our veins and bodies, the plants, the trees and the very air we breathe, it is everything. We don’t need to look outwards for some hidden glory, the glory is to be found in our ability to experience and appreciate the moment at hand, whatever it may bring. 
Energetic Universalism
Richard Gordon
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