Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Marians alternative Christmas tips

I love Christmas as a family event. Getting together and re bonding is the magic. Gifts and magnificent feasts are just a nice side show. I am always disappointed with the media hype. Especially that there seems to be little help for those who, whilst not destitute, have not the resources to do what they perceive everyone else is doing. The truth is, of course, quite different. Christmas does not need the excesses to be special. I will not tell you how to baste the best turkey or buy or make the classiest mince pies. I will certainly never encourage you to spend vast amounts of money on "must have" gifts.
Below are Marian's  alternative tips for a happy Christmas.

  • Be nice to everyone, courtesy costs nothing and makes for a happier environment for everyone. If people are rude or discourteous ignore it. It is their problem..do not make it yours. Also be understanding that people have their own problems and may be unhappier than you realise, grumpiness may be frustration or sorrow and not personal to you.
  • Do not forget that for some people, even now, Christmas is primarily a religious festival. In our multicultural, and those of  no religious views, society not everyone sees it as such. But if we do completely lose the connection it all becomes just a consumer fest. Respect these roots and what Christmas actually stood/stands for. It gives a healthy perspective and actually makes the whole thing much more enjoyable.
  • Never ever ever be competitive on display or consumption. This rots the moral compass and the soul and actually misses the point both of both life and Christmas. It is also a game that is unwinable. Teaching children to relate happiness only to the size or number of gifts is not doing them any favours. Show them the bigger picture.
  • Understand that not everyone has big happy or nice families to spend Christmas with. Be tactful, do not go on about what you are doing. See if you can offer some help or support without offending pride or sensibilities. Also respect if people want to ignore the whole thing.
  • For those involved with bitter family break ups, please put the needs of the children first, love them more than you hate your Ex partner. Parents in harmony, even if it is forced or temporary, is the best gift for children. Ditto with all strained family relationships.
  • If you have no one you want to spend Christmas with and do not want to be on your own, volunteer to help others- whether it is just a lonely neighbor or an organization needing help. We all have something to offer, even though some people do not realise it.
  • Think of those in total want throughout the world. Almost even the destitute in the UK have a better standard of living and free medical care than a huge proportion of the world. Be grateful for what we have, even the poorest of us, have got more than most.
  • Do not think that everyone else but you is having a better time. You do not know what goes on behind closed doors. Money and goods do not automatically buy happiness.

So, do not worry about perfection on the table or whether you have brought enough gifts, just look at the people around you and count your blessings. Look outwards to see if you can make a difference to other people. Just also remember that Christmas was/is a religious festival, giving thanks for the birth of someone who was born to make the world a better place. Hold on to that thought whether you are religious or not. Keep these perspectives and Christmas will regain its lost magic for us all. 

Happy Christmas and a non consumerism new year
marian x

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