Monday, 9 December 2013

The Problem with Perception is Projection

It’s been such a fascinating journey witnessing the collective and individual awakening of so many people around the world, myself included  and no “matter” how it looks in the physical world just now I have complete faith that we are entering a new paradigm of human consciousness. And, yes the transition period may seem a little messy as those who’ve held power for so long resist the changes but in the end I “know” with complete certainty the change we wish to see is being birthed now.
As the journey has been so fast for so many, there is a lot of confusion around just now and that’s okay because as we know, confusion comes before learning. One of the ideas I’ve noticed that there is a lot of confusion around is the notion that Perception is Projection and that’s funnily enough why the post is titled “The Problem with Perception is Projection.”  The good thing now, is that as many of you know when a problem exists then the solution exists too, so not only will I detail how people’s understanding may be keeping them feeling stuck I’ll also reveal how to make the breakthrough to the next level.

The concept that Perception is Projection is thought to have originated with Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss Psychologist, famous for his work on the collective unconscious. One of my favourite quotes of Jung’s is directly linked to the idea of Perception is Projection and is really useful as we first begin to see how the world is a reflection from within:-

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

And, it’s so true that when we’re irritated, annoyed or judging other people it is based on a projection from within which has been filtered through our beliefs, attitudes and past experiences, so by noticing these feelings it leads  us to a better understanding of ourselves and how we've separated ourselves from Love.

Although the notion of Perception is Projection is thought  to originate with Carl Jung it has gained more momentum recently through its incorporation in the Presuppositions of NLP  where many have attributed it to Tad James. It is used to describe the process by which our minds our External experience has an Internal Representation that goes along with it and our experience of reality is more like a map of reality, than reality itself.

Through the NLP Communications Model we begin to understand how we create our internal representation of the World through the information that we receive via our five senses.  This information is filtered by our Unconscious Mind through the processes of deletion, distortion and generalisation and the end result is that we have a representation of the world based on our beliefs, attitudes and experiences.  In other words, our representation of the event is not the event, it is our filtered version of the event.  Get it?

That doesn't mean the event doesn't exist.  It doesn't mean the event is not real, well at the highest level it’s all an illusion but as Einstein said  it’s a very persistent one, so you see what I’m getting at, don’t you?

There’s a bit more to it…
Let’s look again at the words of Jung -

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

What happens when we’re not irritated?  What happens when we've cleared out the  filters of judgement and let go of beliefs of separation? What happens when we've  given ourselves the gift of Unconditional Love? Are we still projecting in the same way?

You see, the thing that’s missing from most of the discussions about Perception is Projection is what happens once we clear out the beliefs and the attitudes that were separating us from each other and from the Universe.  When our filter changes from that of  judgement and beliefs to Unconditional Love.  Once we've cleared the way for spirit’s truth to be heard loud and clear.  When our energy in motion (Emotion) is not blocked by resisting and repressing anything we see as less than serene.   When we fully accept all of who we are. What happens then?

Fully awakening to the power of Unconditional Love and the Awareness that comes with it means that you transcend the thinking that keeps the World where it is and you see clearly that the possibility of a World at Peace exists now.  The possibility of moving from a paradigm of surviving to thriving is a real possibility for everyone, now….and….pretending everything is okay when it quite clearly isn't, is not the solution to the challenges we face because the soul always knows.

As we reconnect to our soul, we begin to see a fuller more complete picture emerge.  No longer are we blinded by the illusions of separation and we now see that we are connected to everyone on the planet.  We see that if we continue  on the road of “I’m all right, Jack” then we might as well give a death sentence to our brothers and sisters who are being mutilated as a result of lies from today built on beliefs from the past.

We hear the lies being filtered through Mainstream Media and Newspapers and how the available  information  is deleted and distorted to form a world filled with the illusion of terror, of angst, of turmoil and not only that but to feed lies to the people that will keep them trapped in the emotion of powerless and fear.

While simultaneously the  financial system has been set up to keep people trapped in the struggle for survival and like all of nature, when humans are locked in the struggle for survival, thriving is not an option.  Year after year the cost of the basic necessities of life are rising while jobs and pay for the majority of the population are falling, and the result is a society that is Worth Less than it was before. 

Can you imagine the energy being made worth less and less every year has on the human mind, body and soul?  Yes, worthless, one of the emotions that keeps us docile!!  Worthlessness keeps us from speaking our hearts truth and standing up for what we know is right.  Let’s face it, our souls always knew what feels right and what doesn't, this is what the Dalai Lama would refer to as “right action”.  For a while we just got so caught up in the game, or so de-sensitized by it that we failed to notice.
Worthlessness is one of the fundamental blocks to creating transformation both on an individual scale and on a global scale.  But, thankfully the veil has been lifted for many and the heavier more oppressive emotions of fear and worthlessness, shame, guilt, all the things that came  along with life in the old world have been cast aside in favour of the love and compassion for ourselves and each where we see love is the bridge to the New Earth.
But and again it’s a big BUT we also see that there is much work being done to create change, to raise awareness and to help humanity heal and move forward together as one.

Awareness is key to this evolution.

You are being called to BE the U of the Universe the One you came here to be. The more you be the you, you are being called to be, the more you will fully awaken you to your most magnificent self.
The kingdom of heaven really is within…and once we discover it is we can go about co-creating it here on Earth for everyone.


For those who wish to have a fuller look at Perception is Projection at work on many levels please read this piece I came across when researching this post by Michael Hall Ph. D