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The Sacred Journey and Intuitive Guidance by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

The Sacred Journey and Intuitive Guidance
by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

" Awakened" Greetings Card  Spirit guides us from pillar to post if we allow this. My own saga starts over twenty years ago, and includes a divorce as do so many. I had remained in the marriage far longer than I should have, and when I did finally divorce, I had become quite ill from the prolonged stress. I moved from Houston to Austin, Texas, where there are so many healing vortexes in the landscape around the lake there. My intent was to heal myself of the stress-induced illness, and I did. A few years later, though, where my story picks up, I had learned how to even more carefully listen to my inner guidance. I had discovered the hard way that the mess always “hit the fan” if I did not follow the guidance I had learned to hear so clearly. For example, although my personality did not want to do massages—I sorely did not want to touch strangers’ bodies, and besides, I already had two college degrees—yet still I enrolled in massage school right after my breakup. Why? Because my intuitive guidance was clear I was to do that. What did that look like? Every time I tried to find something in the yellow pages, the book would fall open to massage schools. Additionally, friends would tell me they heard I was going to massage school, though I had mentioned this to no one. So I followed guidance and signed up. I reasoned that this was something I could do to remain in control of my time and be at home when my young sons returned from school each day.

In doing the body work I experienced a soul-deep healing myself. My profound aversion to touching strangers’ bodies pushed me into therapy where I remembered something that happened in childhood to create the aversion. I also learned that we get to decide how we react emotionally to events, that we are not required to go with our initial knee-jerk reactions. I learned as well the power of the stories we tell ourselves about the occurrences in our lives, and that we can reframe those stories, or look at them in a different light.

  Following guidance, I also studied shamanism via several seminars in New Mexico with Sandy Ingerman of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and began to heal my clients using this method, especially soul retrieval.

  Several years later the twists in the road of my life took me eventually to study energy medicine, and enroll in a class in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After the seminar I toured the countryside by car. I camped with borrowed gear at the stunning Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia, where sheltered by towering pines on the side of a hill a multi-tiered hot spring with a succession of pools flowed down into a raging ice cold river of melted snow coming from the mountains above. Awaking at dawn one morning, I hiked down to the springs from my tent and meditated alone in one of the pools as the steam from the hot water wafted in the cold air all about me.

  One of the places I spontaneously decided to visit while driving around that summer was the glacier called the Columbia Ice Fields. While on the road driving there I spotted the glacier in the distance and pulled over into a small parking lot next to a meadow. I stepped out, breathing deeply the crisp, clean air and walked out into the meadow covered with small alpine flowers. Deeply in awe to see my first glacier, I was exuding gratitude to be there. That energy brought me a gift. As I stood gaping at the glacier, a raven glided up from behind softly landing precisely in front of me on the ground. I held completely still, watching her. She marched in a perfect counterclockwise circle around me about ten or twelve feet out from me, never stopping until she came back to the spot where she had started. Then she paused, turned her head to look at me, and then turned to fly in a straight path directly to the glacier, dropping an enormous wing-feather as she left which landed at my feet.

  From studying shamanism I knew that ravens are an inter-dimensional bridge between this world and the spirit world. It is rare to ever find a raven feather, because they normally tear them up with their beaks and eat them to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Raven feathers are considered very powerful among many Native American tribes. That a raven dropping her sacred wing feather at my feet after making a protective circle around me was a clear sign. It felt like a blessing.
   I knew that a miracle had just occurred, that my following guidance had made it possible. I also was clear that the raven’s flight path was clear confirmation that I was indeed being guided to go on to tour the surface of the dangerous glacier. And so I continued on my sacred journey, allowing inner guidance to take me where my spirit willed.


Lois J. Wetzel was born in Dallas, Texas, and earned a BA in art education and an MFA in painting and drawing from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. About twenty years later she studied Clinical Psychology and Art Therapy at the University of Houston in Clear Lake City, near Houston. She is the mother of two adult sons and has one grandson.

For over twenty-five years she has studied spirituality. Her books are about metaphysics, spirituality, and her mystical experiences. Lois is a highly experienced teacher, healer, medical intuitive, shamanic practitioner, mystic and intuitive counselor. 
The spiritual realm is what Lois writes about; this is a major part of her Soul Contract in this lifetime. It also brings her great joy. Her books include: "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives," "EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!" and "Sacred Journeys and Vision Quests."

Lois still does readings from the Akashic Records for clients,plus intuitive counseling, and has a virtual learning center at her website: Hot Pink Lotus. She is one of the world's experts in past life readings and works with people all over the globe in this capacity.

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