Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Whose Mind is it Anyway?

It may seem like a silly question but I'm deadly serious when I ask this question today. Unfortunately more deadly than I'd ever thought I'd need to be during my many explorations into the depths of the human mind.

You see it all started for me a long, long time ago when I was just a little girl. I had no idea then how important this would be for me and my family and hopefully for you too as I read book after book on what made people tick.  I read about serial killers, children who kill, repressed and imagined memories and the Evil that Men Do. I read about the most notorious crimes ever committed, dreaming of being a forensic psychologist while simultaneously wondering if I had the stomach for it and the strength to look at what other's couldn't.

Thankfully, I've never had to discover if I could handle it as three years of University while working more or less full time and the mass debts I'd already accumulated prevented me from taking my Psychology any further than degree level, something I'm profoundly thankful for now as it ensured I never became trapped in a box of someone else's creation.

One thing that didn't  diminish along with my University career though was my studies.  Human behaviour and the connection between Nature and Nurture in determining who we become, the fundamental period of attachment in early child rearing and how it impacted our future lives and why we do what we do, all had me fascinated and I just kept learning and learning.  Had I known where my quest for knowledge would have led me, would I have continued?  I really don't know but step by step I kept going learning and applying as I went until one day I found myself studying a crime scene in Sandy Hook, Connecticut at the tail end of 2012, an article I wrote shortly after the event took place can be found here. 

The events at Sandy Hook weren't the first that I'd watched with my eyes wide open but they were definitely among the most shocking and as they called me to re-examine the events of an earlier school shooting that had taken place here in Scotland when my eyes maybe weren't quite so open, it also turned out to be the most horrifying.

Living in the UK I'd seen clearly how our T.V.'s were being used to manipulate the minds of the population with propaganda from our Government. I'd watched time and time again as only a fraction of a story was delivered usually in a highly emotive way to spin stories towards whichever agenda they wished to fulfill.  I'd seen a nation entranced by celebrity and though I watched and waited as more and more people woke up I also seen how the spell was still strong as enchanted people in their thousands turned out to greet the arrival of Prince George a future "ruler" of our country, no different and no more special than any other newborn born on the planet.

I'd delved into so many different Worlds as my desire to understand human behaviour made me look at thing's that would make others turn away in fear.  So many apparently disconnected Worlds and bits of history, only an eye trained to see connection in everything might notice the golden thread that had run through them all. The thread of control and manipulation of a people by it's ruling class.  Not a short thread by any standards but one that had wrapped us tighter and tighter into the binds of normal, compliant and obedient behaviour.

There are many experiments discussing Obedience and Conformity and how easily people's perceptions are manipulated by their peers and our government has always had access to and control of the best of this information.  For an example of just how susceptible we are to following orders and having our minds manipulated I'd recommend checking out the unethical experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram and Phillip Zimbardo to begin with if you haven't seen them already, where you go from there is entirely up to you but I'd highly recommend checking out Dark Matters a program that discusses many more unethical experiments that probably should never have taken place.

I'd seen through Religion at an early age, too early for most people to believe I had but I remember it clear as day. Standing in the playground on a Monday morning where the guilt and fear of having missed mass was beginning to subside as the quiz on the colour of the priest's vestments or topic of the gospel had already been used to determine if we, the children were good little citizens or not.  I'd seen that any God I wished to learn about, who had the power to create such a tremendous planet with all these wonderful people, would not be a judgemental bastard like I was getting taught about.  He'd understand that a woman would not be honouring the life he'd (excuse me, my kid's mind) given her by staying in an abusive relationship that could be potentially dangerous to her child and yet this church the Catholic church that I was being conditioned into was teaching me something else.  That was enough for me, I did what I had to do to get through life in that primary school but I knew from that moment forward that the Catholic church and most likely all other religion would never work for me.

I seen mind-control, even as an 8 year old, I seen it. I seen how this church was burdening people with guilt and shame and fear and how all these emotions were being used against them to control their behaviour.  And all the subsequent studies I'd done instead of distorting the ideas of an eight year old mind, validated them.  Now, the purpose of this article is not to get into a debate about religion either but simply to get readers to look within them, to question their own beliefs, their own ideas of what s true.  To call you to blindly accept nothing and to question everything.  To ask you in fact to beg you, because at this time I feel it is that desperate that you do, that you take time to look beyond the headlines, to see, to chose to see, to at least try to see the truth.  To look at who's agenda is being filled by the stories presented to you.  To look deeper, even when something turns up in the prettiest package you've ever seen, to look through the illusion that is being presented and seek more factual information on the stories you share.

Whose ideas about the World are you really defending when you jump on your friend's posts and tell them they are wrong about something rather than having an open discussion? Is it really yours? Are you willing to question all of your beliefs, to discover when you made the decisions that are shaping your/our lives.  Ask yourself, is just because it's always been that way, really a good enough reason not to change it?

Watch the music industry as it continues it's manipulation of the human psyche, where is it really trying to lead us?  How are the pop (Disney) princesses roles being used to groom a generation?  Is it chance, or is someone else planning this while we're all busy living in the moment or just trying to survive?

There is a consistent theme playing out in front of our eyes with one little Disney Princess after another growing up in the lime-light, showing our kids how cute they are and just as the children are hooked suddenly, just by chance they're all grown up.  What was once bubble-gum pop from lovely innocent Britney becomes a sexualised school-girl image telling us to hit her baby, one more time.  The lines aren't just blurred they are being re-written and from what I can see they aren't being re-written in favour of protecting our children but instead protecting predators who prey on them.

There's been Britney then Christina even Justin from that particular batch made it to super stardom, then next came the delightful and cute Rihanna, Who went from standing under her Umbrella to being tied up and swung about in the throes of S and M, but somehow this is acceptable before the watershed. Whatever happened to the watershed, does it still exist today? Judging by last nights Simpsons episode aired at 7pm I think not.  In that one 30 minute slot the potential for our kids to learn about Sex, Satan and all sorts of other things that have no place in a child's minds.

I've not even mentioned the sweet, innocent Hannah Montana yet, someone I've restrained thus far from commenting on publicly as for these people any energy is feeding their already massively inflated and deluded ego's and her line-blurring with Pharrell Williams had already created enough of a frenzy. For the purpose of this article I will break my self-imposed ban though, one of the joys of living with a free mind, you get to burst your own barriers whenever you choose.

A firm favourite from all her time on the Disney channel little Miss Montana had suddenly grown up and boy did she let us know it. I'm no prude but I've got to be honest I've never fellatioed a wrecking ball and I have no plans to, nor can I see the point of this very attractive, talented singer removing all her clothes and doing so. Except to join the other pop princesses who are teaching our children that a woman's value comes from removing her clothes and that we are nothing more than the sex objects that have been dominated and repressed for years. All that and I've not even got to the twerking issue yet!!!

We have though mentioned the blurring of lines and the twerking incident is a perfectly illustrated example of how this is done. It's had more than enough hits already & so rather than share it I'm going to assume you've probably seen it or that you'll look it up if you wish to. Little scantily clad, Miley during the routine rubbed herself more than what could be called suggestively against a man approximately twice her age's groin while holding her teddy bear for a show who's main viewing audience would be made of yep, you guessed it children. Miley's maybe an unsuspecting victim in all this, not that she's likely to view herself as one she's so deluded with her own hype but whether she is or not, she is being used to sexualise our children. .

We've already discussed Rihanna a little but the song Monster just popped into my head as I was about to sign off I think it might be worth mentioning too.  Again the song is as catchy as hell and with the appearance of Eminem seems to be a little rebellious too but hey Gansta Rap's another story! Have you noticed how half his name is now spelled backwards?  It reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a friend who's been learning some new NLP techniques that have a peculiar similarity with techniques presented by Aleister Crowley in his Book of The Law.. I'm not going to comment on Crowley's work for now as I'm not well versed on it but again it called me to ask, who are you learning from really?

Anyway, I digress, sorry.  Back to Rihanna and her song about the monster under her bed and the voices in her head and how they are her friends.  What is this song promoting?  Is it perhaps referring to mind-control or is it telling us Rihanna is in fact a demon worshiping Illuminati Princess as has featured in one of her many videos. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole Illuminati story was just a new form of fear based conditioning to keep us from connecting the dots and taking action, what do you think?

It's not about tin-foil hats, and it's not even about microwave vibrational technologies that the alleged Naval Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis told the the police about a few months before his death, it's much more subtle and much more in your face than that and it's happening all the time. If you are interested in checking out experiments using sound to change emotional states, that Dark Matters programme I mentioned earlier a good place to look. Here's a clip to intrigue you.

I can't change or influence your behaviour, well I could try but I prefer education and empowerment to manipulation so I wouldn't even try. Instead I'll share with you my perspective and hope that you follow up by doing your own research and making your own decisions based on what you find.  My mind is mine, and though my physical body may be constrained by the limits of this World, my mind is free. I hope yours is too and if not that this article has encouraged you to let the un-locking begin. 

Rashelle Reid
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