Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Keep the UK Frack Free!

This is a big deal: Cameron’s mighty fracking PR machine appears to be not so mighty after all. The latest poll on public support for fracking is continuing to decline.

It looks like our opposition around the country to Cameron’s fracking plans is having an effect. However it’s only the start of a long journey and we can’t afford to rest on our laurels.

Did you hear? Not only does David Cameron want to bribe our councils to permit fracking, but he’s also trying to change laws which are hundreds of years old in order to drill under our homes - without our permission.

After hitting our local councils with endless budget cuts, Cameron’s now tempting them into dirty fracking deals by offering financial incentives that could be worth millions. He’s also trying to undermine the tens of thousands who’ve said no to fracking under their homes by overhauling ancient trespass laws.

Tell Cameron the UK is not for fracking

Planning applications from fracking companies go to local councils for approval. In a move that reeks of desperation, Cameron’s announced they can keep 100% of business taxes from fracking operations rather than 50% as before. If fracking is as great as Cameron claims, why does he need to offer bribes?

Before you despair, there is some good news. There are calls for these dodgy deals to be investigated by the EU. Also, some councils have made public announcements saying they won’t be bribed, including Hampshire, Bath, Somerset, North East Somerset, Herefordshire, the London Borough of Waltham Forest, and Cheshire East in George Osborne’s constituency.

Other councils are likely to follow if we come together to make our voices heard. Nearly 75,000 of us have already signed the petition calling on Cameron to keep the UK frack-free. It’s the biggest anti-fracking petition in the UK, supported by a coalition of environmental groups. But with an election coming up we must make sure this grows even bigger so it becomes impossible to ignore how deeply unpopular this is.

Demand Cameron keeps the UK frack free

Work continues at a local level to block individual applications. If you include your postcode in the petition we can let you know about anything planned in your area. In the meantime, we must also pile pressure on at the top, so please sign and share the petition today.

PS France has banned fracking so Cameron has invited French owned energy company, Total, to frack over here. Tell him what’s not ok in France, is not ok here either.



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10 Enlightening Quotes from "Behind the Closed Doors of the Vatican

This is a great video, taking you on a journey "Behind the Closed Doors of the Vatican" where some secrets are revealed and we get the opportunity to peer into the minds of those who live and preach there.  I've picked a selection that I feel raise questions or provide insights into life at the Vatican. Once you watch the video, feel free to come back and share your favourites or discuss some of the contents in more detail.

"An entire nation created to serve God and led by one man. Vatican city is a secluded state, shrouded in mystery....As leader his power is absolute, after all under (Catholic) doctrine it comes directly from God."

"Peter died here. He was crucified here. His blood soaked the dirt of this hill." Cardinal Angelo Comastri rather gleefully reports.

"We are not relating to the Holy See from the perspective of relating to a religious institution, the focus is on foreign policy." Miguel Diaz US Ambassador to the Holy See

"The Pope is capable of influencing the World's 1.1 billion Catholics, who live in every corner of the globe. that makes him a powerful ally"

"The bright red symbolises the blood they're willing to spill in service of the Holy Father."

"It's very relaxed. Of course you go in dressed in cassock and you usually kiss the Pope's ring." Cardinal John Patrick Foley.  Surely I'm not the only one sniggering here!

"The papacy becomes the plaything of these huge families from throughout Italy."Dr Christopher Bellitto

"They made Paris Hilton look like a pauper."

"The Vatican measures its own wealth, not in money, but in souls."

"In a culture that values celebrity, the Pope becomes a celebrity."

Rashelle Reid
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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nuclear Train Crash at Silverdale

Marianne Birkby Reports from Silverdale, UK

Last time Silverdale was in the news was the BBC’s wildlife programme Autumn Watch. Today it is in the news because the same area experienced a nuclear waste train crashing into a car on a level crossing. The car traveled for around 300 metres stuck underneath the train. Thankfully the passengers in the car had got out before the train arrived. No one was reported as being injured (in the short term) apart from the understandably traumatised nuclear train driver. The “train remained upright” and was carrying empty flasks. However it is not just the flasks loaded with spent fuel that are cause for concern. The National Radiological Protection Board has pointed out that empty flasks and even the trains carrying them have been found to be radioactively contaminated on arrival at a nuclear plant for loading with spent fuel**. The only reason the spent fuel is loaded on trains to travel through towns and villages to Sellafield is because of continued reprocessing. The nuclear industry is excellent at dislocating cause from effect and illnesses resulting from nuclear flasks hurtling around the country towards Sellafield to reprocess spent fuel that no- one wants, may ( or may not) take years to manifest. Collateral damage to keep the nuclear industry on track?


** pg 164 Nuclear Juggernaut the transport of radioactive materials by Martin Bond

Nuclear Juggernaut: The transport of radioactive materials (Energy and Infrastructure Set)

Nuclear Juggernaut: The transport of radioactive materials (Energy and Infrastructure Set)

Buy from Amazon

Stop and Contain – Reprocessing at Sellafield is Insane

Monday, 6 January 2014

Alternatives New Year's resolutions

 It so happens that my birthday is on 31st of December.19** so every January 1st I know that I am a year older. This makes, for me, New Years resolutions even more potent and important.
This year I realized two things,
Firstly, rather than make detailed lists, especially those involving giving up chocolate, it would be better just to resolve to be the best person I can be in all areas of my life. This would be both easier and more difficult, hard to measure, but would be a year long effort, not just for January!!!!!
Secondly, I wondered what the reality implications were for this? This may seem a strange question, but I spend my time looking and writing about many facets of out reality ( as per my book- Aspects of Reality-a user's guide to the universe). How can the knowledge and insights I have gained in writing and thinking about the subject translate into something as mundane as Earthly new year's resolutions? There were several things I thought of;

  • I have come to think of life in this reality as being almost some sort of interactive video game. Everything we do, even small things, affects all around us. Lets make it a co-opertive game rather than a competitive one, as far as possible. If we all work, even in small ways to improve the game it will be a win win situation.
  • I found reality to be more uncertain and more individual than most people realise. If you look at the quantum level, every possibility, every variation is there simultaneously. We just seemingly choose, or manifest, which we are conscious in and are aware of. Lets manifest positivity and good choices this year. For the greater good as well if possible.
  • Astrologically it its to be a bit of a roller coaster year ( see last post Thoughts on reflections of reality). A year of changes on all levels. All important changes usually involve challenges. We do not always want them, even if it means that they are better for us long term. If plans for us and the planet are really written in the heavens then they will happen, whether we want them or not. Let us just resolve to face all challenges with good grace and a positive attitude. In any changing situation there are winners and losers, lets just hope, and work for, any changes being for the greater good.
These are just my first three ideas.....has anyone any more?
PS Happy New Year anyway.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Is A.D.H.D. - A Fraud?

ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction,” 
Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn

Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners stated in 1998 Adding to this sentiment, psychiatrists Peter Breggin and Sami Timimi, both of whom oppose pathologizing the symptoms of ADHD, say that ADHD is more of a social construct than it is an objective “disorder.” Read more on Intellihub

Let's take a look at what a "Social Construct" is:

Main Entry:   social construct

Definition:   a social mechanism, phenomenon, or category created and developed by society; a perception of an individual, group, or idea that is 'constructed' through cultural or social practice

In other words it describes a Subjective Experience of Reality based on people's opinions (perspective.)

What would an Objective Dis-order be?

1, not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased: an objective opinion.
2. intent upon or dealing with things external to the mind rather than with thoughts or feelings, as a person or a book.
7.being the object of perception or thought; belonging to the object of thought rather than to the thinking subject (opposed to subjective ).
8.of or pertaining to something that can be known, or to something that is an object or a part of an object; existing independent of thought or an observer as part of reality.

1.lack of order or regular arrangement; confusion. irregularity:
3.breach of order; disorderly conduct; public disturbance.
4.a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions; destroy the order or regular arrangement of; disarrange. derange the physical or mental health or functions of.

In other words it describes a fact based measured analysis of a measure of dis-order.

After more than 50 years leading the fight to legitimize A.D.H.D, Dr.Keith Conners could be celebrating but his mood sounded anything but as he addressed a group of fellow A.D.H.D Specialists in Washington.

 As reported by the NY Times, he noted that recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the diagnosis had been made in 15 percent of high school-age children, and that the number of children on medication for the disorder had soared to 3.5 million from 600,000 in 1990. He questioned the rising rates of diagnosis and called them “a national disaster of dangerous proportions....The numbers make it look like an epidemic. Well, it’s not. It’s preposterous,”

“This is a concoction to justify the giving out of medication at unprecedented 
and unjustifiable levels.”

Dr. Keith Conners is a psychologist and professor emeritus at Duke University,

Full article here...

To find out how ADHD is marketed to parents by pharmaceutical companies, click here.

For educational use only. 
"The rise of A.D.H.D. diagnoses and prescriptions for stimulants over the years coincided with a remarkably successful two-decade campaign by pharmaceutical companies to publicize the syndrome and promote the pills to doctors, educators and parents." NY Times

I'm sure we're going to be seeing lots more information about the science and subjectivity of disorders of A.D.H.D. and maybe others like it. If you liked this article, you might also enjoy Affluence: A Rich Person's Disorder? 

Rashelle Reid 

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