Wednesday, 29 January 2014

10 Enlightening Quotes from "Behind the Closed Doors of the Vatican

This is a great video, taking you on a journey "Behind the Closed Doors of the Vatican" where some secrets are revealed and we get the opportunity to peer into the minds of those who live and preach there.  I've picked a selection that I feel raise questions or provide insights into life at the Vatican. Once you watch the video, feel free to come back and share your favourites or discuss some of the contents in more detail.

"An entire nation created to serve God and led by one man. Vatican city is a secluded state, shrouded in mystery....As leader his power is absolute, after all under (Catholic) doctrine it comes directly from God."

"Peter died here. He was crucified here. His blood soaked the dirt of this hill." Cardinal Angelo Comastri rather gleefully reports.

"We are not relating to the Holy See from the perspective of relating to a religious institution, the focus is on foreign policy." Miguel Diaz US Ambassador to the Holy See

"The Pope is capable of influencing the World's 1.1 billion Catholics, who live in every corner of the globe. that makes him a powerful ally"

"The bright red symbolises the blood they're willing to spill in service of the Holy Father."

"It's very relaxed. Of course you go in dressed in cassock and you usually kiss the Pope's ring." Cardinal John Patrick Foley.  Surely I'm not the only one sniggering here!

"The papacy becomes the plaything of these huge families from throughout Italy."Dr Christopher Bellitto

"They made Paris Hilton look like a pauper."

"The Vatican measures its own wealth, not in money, but in souls."

"In a culture that values celebrity, the Pope becomes a celebrity."

Rashelle Reid
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