Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ben Sims Enlightening Times Featured Artist

Back six years ago I had a minor break down while coping with the demands of a new baby and going to work every day, sleep deprivation can have that affect. As a result I had to take thing's a little easier for a while and one day I found myself sifting across material on Youtube on Reptillians. Having always been interested in Aliens I found the whole subject fascinating and began searching for more information, before long I'd came across David Icke and the idea of the Holographic Universe.

I found it so interesting, aliens and reptilians become a very small subject in the context of the world being holographic. The more I watched the more mind blow I was, I soaked up knowledge for a few years from many different sources including Red Ice, Alex Jones, Coast to Coast, Veritas and I also met Gareth Icke. It was Gareth who inspired me to think about what I could do to contribute to the momentum that was building.

It was then I hit the paint brush. I tried all mediums, spray paint to paint markers, oils acrylics. As I started I started running into synchronicity i.e. I want to an event in Manchester to see Thomas Sheridan, Author of Anvil of the Psyche and other titles.  

As I was there I bumped into Ben Stewart from America, Stew Art who was there speaking about art, as we introduced ourselves to each other and realised both our name's were Ben another Ben introduced himself, creating a Ben triangle which I found quite amusing. Ben was also holding an event only a quarter mile from my home which I attended and the following year I bumped into him in a lift in a hotel while going to see David Icke in London.

I have sold about 12 paintings so far and have continued to change from medium to medium, my favourite of which for now is medium sprays maker pens and oil paint on canvas. Ben Sims

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