Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Biff Diglett New Book by Sid Wright

Check out Sids 4th book after The Contemplations of a Nobody, The Further Contemplations of a Nobody and Fancy Dress Tips for Bald Men.

Biff Digglett is a comedic piece of light reading which features 3 short stories about a young man called Biff Digglett. He has finished university with a degree in Criminology but inevitably struggles to find a job in that field. Eventually he is forced to move back home to the sleepy town of Cockermouth and he gets a temporary job as a gardener but the job turns out to be a gateway to a world of crime and murder.

Sids books are all available from his website - Biff Digglett and the Secret Gardener, Biff Digglett and the monster on Meadow Grove and Biff Digglett and the horrors of the Four Halls Hotel.