Saturday, 15 March 2014

Creating New beginnings through the Tarot Cards by Jean Redman

Creating New Beginnings through the Tarot cards

Self transformation is important if you want to be in charge of being a co-creator with in your own destiny. A Tarot reading can offer you that opportunity to be that co-creator of change. Why wait for the winds to do that, often smacking you right in the face, let’s take charge now and be the creator of your own New Beginnings. 

Often in a Tarot reading, I am ask how can I change, what do I need to change, how can I create happiness, a healthy body, a new mind set, revitalized passion for my work or for my partner, how can I have a loving relationship? We humans tend to focus more on the problem rather than the solution and you can find tools for solutions through the Tarot cards. To desire a new beginning we must first asked ourselves, why do I want to create a new beginning? In asking this question you would be able to discover what you need to let go of, what needs to die in order to be reborn. What new beginning do I want or desire. For instance, you may want a new business, a diet for a new body, a new way of looking at the world, a new romance or re-modeled and or redesign your home. 

There is a story, your story and many of us cannot let go of “our story”. This is essential to creating a new beginning. Just how can we let go? For the Tarot reading, this is the first question to ask. With five cards in a Tarot spread we can determine the how and the what, for some people they have a difficult time in seeking out the what needs to be let go of, the Tarot can pin point that, clarify what you need. For instance for those who do not know what they want to let go of, the center card of the reading is the “issue at hand” what do I need to let go of. This card could be the Ten of Wands, which would tell us that we need to look at where you feel a burden, a responsibility and or stress and hard work in your life, where it is the heaviest load. 

Perhaps you do not know how to create time for your own soul’s rest or nourishment, or the body that craves a hot bath or a spa day. Maybe you took on too many philanthropic projects and feel guilty that you cannot give yourself fully to all of them this would be the burden of consciousness. Perhaps you have worked really hard on a project and it is coming to completion, the achievement is there, however, the responsibilities will now kick in and this may be too much to handle and you are struggling to let go. The next card drawn is the card of the mind, the sub-conscious, something perhaps you are not aware of, the thinking mind or belief held deep in the sub-conscious. This is what needs to be address, to re-formulate or enhanced. The card could be, The Queen of Swords. This card may show that your associate or even your director, this person is a great thinker, organized and not very approachable. 

However the position of the card tells us that she can be open to you asking her for help. You have thought of her as stand offish, unapproachable and feel her response to you would be stern, like your mother’s was. You have not thought to ask her and in fact do not want to ask. The truth is you have not delegated the work load properly because your own thinking mind is one of perfection and greatly independent, if I don’t do it right, no one will. So how then can we change this thinking and in fact a pattern which may have carried over since childhood. The next card is the “change or helper card” and perhaps it is The Magician Card. This would tell you that it is the right timing to communicate what you need and you will impress people in the process of doing so. This will move things swiftly forward and balance out the burden that you have been carrying. There is seen here as a need for urgency, the need to make things happened now and you will get what you desire. This brings good luck to you, so take that leap forward and change the direction of your life. The next card will tell us what action is needed to create this new beginning.

We now see the ACE of Wands. There is not action needed, the new beginning will be ushered in when the steps talked about before are taken swiftly to delegate priorities and work. The new beginning will be a new creative enterprise a new project will reveal itself with inspiration, power and great potential.

The Outcome of this reading the card drawn is The Six of Pentacles. To unburden your work load and your mind will bring in the ability to be generous with self and others. The new project may be in the form of a Charity, a Non-profit, something you have always dreamed of creating.

The Tarot cards will show you tools to use to facilitate change. One Tarot reading I did many years ago was with a woman I barely knew, but I had known her through various charity events. Her question was about her relationship of 8 years, the passion had died and she was contemplating moving on and letting go. In the place of what tool can I use to facilitate change within me, she drew the card with the imagery of Musical instruments all over it, and it was the Eight of Wands. I had known her for years but did not know much about her and I asked her if she liked Music. She did. I asked her if she ever played an instrument. Wow, I was so surprised at the answer. She had put the Cello in the closet for the last 12 years, she got bored with it and she also felt that she would never be that good, seeking perfection was at her core of being. I suggested to her that the cards were telling her to pick that up again, create the passion of the music just for herself and no one else and to play for meditation. Impress no one. Bring the harmony of life back into your energy and allow the passion to flow in, allow it to happen. I saw her 4 months later, she had renewed her vows with her partner and she was playing the Cello daily, it had brought her to complete joy. 

Jean Redman has read Tarot cards since 1982. She also teaches Tarot classes and created The Bali Tarot Deck, the Major Arcana, un-published as yet. and to see more images from the deck,