Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Introducing our New Columnist Marian Matthews!

Hi, My name is Marian Matthews. 

As regular readers may know, I am fascinated by the nature of reality, that is the big picture of this universe in which we live. More particularly, I am interested how its different component parts interact to make us us, and the material world what it seems to be. 

In my research I looked at all relevant subjects, science, spirituality, cosmology, the spiritual laws, religion, the real history of the world, prediction and healing etc to find patterns and interactions that may show us what is going on in the pig picture. Within these studies I find super clues to what may be happening in the unseen dimensions around us. I asked myself the vital questions, Who really are we? 

What are we doing here? How did this all come about? How can we navigate through this? 

Some of you may have read my posts in the Enlightening Times blog and Magazine in which I comment on and explain various aspects of the interactive systems within our reality.

In the course of my researches I did find links and patterns that gave me insights into what makes up our reality. I have also spoken to and interacted with many talented and wise people, who have understanding of the various disciplines, as mentioned above. 

The bottom line is that if anyone does have any (reality or spiritual) problems that they need help or guidance for I am available to help. If It is not in my sphere of understanding, I have links with many wonderful people who will know the answer. 

Just send me any questions Via and I will do my best for you. Answers can just be private or shared, depending on what you would prefer.