Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Book Review of Stephanie Sorrell's "Understanding the Black Dog" by Jade Ashcroft

Understanding the Black Dog by Stephanie Sorrell.

This is a fabulous well written and insightful little book which is a must read for anyone who cares for somebody suffering from depression. It is simple, concise and straight to the point. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of how Depression can affect the whole of a persons life, whether from a work related perspective or for a friend or relative trying to understand how to help someone to cope with their darkest moments.

Stephanie explains some of the different reasons and possible causes for the onset of depression, the symptoms of the different levels and how it might affect the ability to deal with even the simplest of tasks, and offers up to date information on the range of medication that is invaluable for friends and family caring for someone who is suffering from Depression. 

She explains very well the difficulties that come with this debilitating disease, and attempts to eradicate some of the stigma by sharing her personal experiences which no doubt will touch the hearts of anyone who has experienced Depression in their lives. She gives lots of common sense advice and from her perspective as a long term sufferer shining a ray of hope for anyone struggling by showing that life can and does go on after acceptance and suitable changes are made in ones life to work with it, and understand it rather than than the popular misconception that it can be eradicated and overcome.  

Book review by Jade Ashcroft Oct 2014