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Goddess Calling by Rev Dr Karen Tate

Goddess Calling by Rev Dr Karen Tate

Feb 27, 2014: Reveiw by Wendy Stokes | Published in MBS Magazine

This book has been glowingly reviewed and praised by Jean Houston, Barbara G Walker, Szuzsanna Budapest and many other ‘greats’ of the women’s spirituality movement of our time. I opened it with considerable excitement to drink in it its beauty and riches and enjoy its poetry, delight and magic. The author provides here a useful manual to explore the many aspects of the Sacred Feminine and to access inspiration, encouragement and empowerment, not just on a personal level, but also to create a “Wisdom Circle”, a community in which rituals can be held to further explore this dynamic and transformational spiritual path specially for women.

It is not realistically possible to exclude spirituality from politics because politics is the way in which we are governed and also conditioned. Under patriarchy, women have been in a subservient role to men. Men have acted as intermediary between themselves and a male, authoritarian Godhead who applauds hierarchy and oppression. Under patriarchy, there is no suitable role model for spiritual leadership by women. Yes, thealogy, not theology! Rev Tate, an ordained minister, tells us about the goddess as deity, archetype and ideal, and through devotion to the Divine Female, we can reshape our personal and societal values and culture. She explains how we can create our own services and rituals to honour the goddesses of the seasons or specific goddesses for particular purposes, such as fighting injustices that are inflicted on our sisters around the world. These can be simple acts of devotion, with lighting a candle and reciting an opening prayer, then providing readings, affirmations, meditations, chants, storytelling and the sharing of experiences. Beautiful prayers are provided with meditations and other useful material to support the work of the group. Rev Tate guides us in the conservation of our unique planet’s precious resources - a political stance which is at the heart of goddess and Earth based spirituality.

Whether you are called to teach, write, campaign, heal, inform and raise awareness or give of your time, skills or monetary capacities, the path of the goddess is one of the most important and enjoyable a woman can take. This book will help to awaken you to the goddess by creating a group for ceremonies and meetings to honour the goddess in all her many forms.

Heed the calling! Trust the journey! Make a difference!
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Karen Tate has a radio programme titled: Voices of the Sacred Feminine, visit this link:

Review by Wendy Stokes

Endorsements for Goddess Calling:  Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy

Jean Houston, Ph.D - World-renowned American scholar, lecturer, author, and philosopher.
A strong, courageous book that will either set your teeth on edge or make you laugh with joy.
Barbara G. Walker, Beloved Foremother and Author of "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets". Karen Tate's inspirational work celebrates Goddess spirituality and encourages all women to rediscover their sacred history, to break the shackles that patriarchal culture has imposed on them, and to take action for the preservation of our Mother Earth. Her meditations on the state of our world, past, present and future, are profoundly engaging. 

Rev. Ava, Founder and Presiding Priestess of the GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County.
Women all over the world are rising up to create their own circles, churches and organizations to empower themselves, to express female spirituality and to better the world. This amazing book serves us well in offering brilliant wisdom, joyful ideas and gentle structure to our gatherings. We have been waiting for such a book and I'm so glad it's now here. Rev. Karen Tate is a of our most profound thinkers and doers for an ancient spirituality that is coming through just in time for all humanity, that of "goddess."
Joan Norton, The Magdalene Within: 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine, Women in the Circle of Mary Magdalene. To feel loved by the Sacred Feminine is a cure we need and Karen Tate's Goddess Calling helps bring it forth. She offers intellectual food, intuitional inspiration and experiential nourishment to seekers on the path of restoration of the feminine principle for our world. Goddess Calling can be used as a manual to create a wisdom circle or public ritual for a holy-day. She offers words to say for the important yearly cycles of renewal of the deep feminine, as well as guided visualization meditations to take us inward to meet the world goddesses.
Reverend Tate honors the archetype of Sacred Union through the story of Mary Magdalene and returns Mary to the company of her sister goddesses where she belongs. Mary Magdalene is but one facet of the world-changing strength of the feminine spirit that comes through in this book of rituals, meditations and political perceptions.

M. Isidora Forrest, author of Isis Magic: Cultivating a Relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 Names.
Goddess Calling is a valuable resource for those regularly called upon to create services or ceremonies for the exploration of Goddess spirituality. Karen Tate offers a selection of "Messages" relating the values of Goddess Spirituality - as expressed through the sacred myths of ancient and living Goddess traditions - to today's society, politics, and culture. Then she provides a series of "Meditations" that can help participants awaken those Goddess values in their own lives. Karen brings her deep experience with Goddess Spirituality and the liveliness of her long-running internet radio program, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, to this inspirational book. 
Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, Author of The Queen of My Self.
....a hearty “Brava!” to Karen Tate who has created such a powerfully lovely vehicle to help us invoke Her spirit and connect with Her wisdom and guidance as we struggle to create a world of peace, understanding and sustainability in Her name.