Thursday, 19 February 2015

Do Angels really exist- if so what actually are they? By Marian Matthews

 Is our reality exactly what we have been taught it is? The answer is, of course, no. How do we know this? Because all around us are super clues to the way things really are. For instance, other beings or entities seem to be sharing our reality with us. Angels, aliens, elementals, and many other types of being are seen or said to exist by many people.

 Of all these, the most talked about seem to be Angels. They are a constant presence in Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions and a stalwart amongst many alternative thinkers and practitioners.  What do they look like? Well people see them in different ways. The Victorian image of a person in white with feather wings is what usually comes to mind to those of us who grew up in a Christian culture. Muslim Angels are different however. They are said to generally see them as energy, which is exactly what most “alternative” practitioners say.

Angels, of course, are special. They are entwined within our history and culture, both mainstream and alternative, but it is perhaps time to look back again at who and what they actually are and where they come from.

 The first question is, if they do exist, why we can rarely actually physically see them? Well, they are supposed to exist on a finer plane of vibration than we do. The questions are though, are they just a different branch of Earth or other planetary evolution, or are they messengers from a creator God designed and sent to humanity to help fulfil his purpose? Or something else completely different? 

What actually are they?

Theories about Angels

Talking to many people there are several different, sometimes contradictory, views on what Angels actually are;

*Some people believe that Angels are just a collection of beings responsible for the harmonious organization of the inhabited universe. They help mankind to promote this harmony. Where they come from is another matter.
*They may also just be an alien race helping mankind for its own purposes.
*Perhaps they are a separate species co-existing on Earth with us, whose vibrational differences mean that our eyes and equipment cannot usually detect them.
*Some people understand them to be the thoughts of God.
*Some people believe that some people return from an afterlife, in human form, to help mankind. (Earth Angels)
*Others believe that they were created by the Divine Mother spirit or our Christian biblical God to watch over and assist mankind.
* Their very name is a clue, Angelos means messenger -they are sometimes perceived to be messengers from our creator, working with a Universal Mind to help us raise our vibrational levels and link in with the bigger picture for the higher good of all.


Until we really understand the big picture of reality we, as limited beings, cannot understand which, if any, of the above are wholly true statements. All I do know, though, whilst some people do doubt their very existence, is that some people do see, or work with, Angels. As they are beyond science we can only look at anecdotal evidence. The testimonies below represent what many people feel or understand.

-Some people think that they are just figments of our imagination.

For instance - DR said, I do not believe in things just because they are said to exist or other people believe in them. There are a number of spiritual precepts that I can believe in because they have affected me or I have experienced them. However, I have never met an angel and, therefore, have a great deal of trouble believing them. Angels come from the deeper levels of the spiritual canon and fulfil a need that exists in people to feel that they are not alone or without some kind of invisible support. Belief, however, does not make things real other than for the individual. I would suggest that angels come from ancient mystical and spiritual traditions. The belief that they exist is and must be a matter of imagination."

-Some people think that they may exist, but are not what we think they are.
 For instance - JL said "We anthropomorphize mystical forces to give our lives meaning."
Anthropomorphize means- to ascribe human characteristics to things not human. Unless I have misunderstood, this acknowledges that there are mystical forces there in existence but, in the same way that we see pet behaviours and judge what they do in human terms, we may be putting a recognizable quasi human form on forces that are actually beyond our understanding. Interesting slant, he has a very good point.

-Some people do believe in their existence beyond doubt.
 For instance- SH definitely believes in them- in her own words “Years ago I would have been sceptical. I had never had any experience with them or even had an inkling to bring them into my life”

She now reports seeing the Angels as colours but often just feels and works with their positive energies. She feels that she is bringing people messages and healing energies from the angelic realm.
Her experience is not unique, many people discuss similar stories. The anecdotal evidence for theie existence is quite substantial. I have also had reported to me Angels gathering around people’s beds when they are suffering critical illness. There is also the old story, of course, of the Russian astronauts seeing Angels in the sky, but the story being suppressed at the time due to their governments not believing in them. None of this is provable of course, but many people have faith that they do exist in one form or another.

So, Angels, are they messengers from God or an intelligent designer of some sort? Could they be a different form of evolution, alien entities, or mystical forces that we have given shape as we be do not really understand them? What is the truth of the matter?
As ever, we will only really know the truth when we know the complete big picture.